What Streams Does Study Permit Have?

Andyvisa has classified Study Permit into 5 main streams, for which we put equal effort to help applicants. 

If an international student intends to stay Canada after the study, the person will usually have multiple ways to do so.

1. Study Permit for Primary and Secondary Study

There are tons of English school boards in the vast range of Canada, at the same time, there are also many French school boards in the province of Quebec. 

Once you have made a decision in where you or your kid are/is aiming to go, we may recommend some school board, as well as some particular schools that might be perfect fit in your situation. However, we won't "designate" schools, the right to make the final decision is always on your side.

2. Study Permit for Training Schools (particularly training schools in QC)

These are some schools that may render students some technicians or medium-leveled professionals after the study. For instance, Automobile Mechanical Techniques, Nursery, Medical Care Assistants, Accountants, Hairdressing, Cooking, and so on.

Students enrolled in such programs will have an option of applying to immigrate to Quebec, and then Canada, before their graduation from school.

3. Study Permit for College

Prospective students may apply to go to Canadian colleges instead of going to Canadian universities, if they have finished sufficient courses in their own country (normally when only on semester has been left within secondary education in their own country), and they are craving for having a job after the study within or outside Canada. 

College programs have a shorter duration (usually 2 years) and a much heavy focus on job market requirement. Though these programs are designed by Canadian educators, the practical courses and the posit of internship, would for sure equip the students well enough for the further employment, in Canada, and outside. 

4. Study Permit for Degree Study or Graduate Certificate/Diploma

Canada provides world-wide highly ranked universities, for instance, McGill University, University of Toronto, UBC, etc. These universities will make the students have a better competence after they have finished their study and go to the job market.  

Consult to our RCICs to tease out a program or a school that fits you better.