1. Federal Self-Employed

All you need is that your occupation and educational experience must have something to do with the art industry.

The refusal rate of this program is reletively high in that though English test score is not a mandate of the eligibility requirement of this program, other requirements are a little bit tricky.

2. Federal Start-Up Visa

You may establish an innovative business in Canada and then immigrate promptly. 

Andy has a small team which may help you improve your business plan and assist you going through the whole procedure.

3. Provincial Entrepreneur

Almost every province and territories in Canada have an agreement with the Federal government, elaborating the rights of one particular province or territory in immigration affairs.

In order to facilitate the development of local economy, economic immigration streams are the focus of programs under such agreements. This incorporates PNP skilled worker programs and PNP entrepreneur programs.

PNP entrepreneur programs have been attracting people a province or territory needs for years and have been proved to be successful, in that such entrepreneurs could establish business in desired sectors of the province on the one hand, provide more employment opportunities on the other.

People could come to Canada through 2 ways: one way is to submit certain amount of deposit, the other is to have a work permit before being nominated. Since PEI closed its Deposit Channel in September 2018, few province has the deposit stream.


1. Net worth of at least $500,000 to $600,000;

2. Intend to establish, buy, or invest in a business based in Canada;

3. Intend to live in one of provinces or territories other than Quebec

4. Fulfill language requirement of the program (Normally rather easy) is applicable (One doesn't have to have qualified language scores in Self-employed program);


1. We have RCICs deal with such applications, strictly following the requirement of each program.

2. We have quality English or French language translators who could provide invaluable assistance to candidates during the whole process, particularly during the interview required in a possible program.

Consult to our RCICs to see if you are a fit of such programs: