About Andyvisa

Practicing Immigration Consulting Based in Canada

1. Studying in Canada

If you are a foreign national to Canada and intend to come to Canada for conducting a study program, you probably need a visa, which authorizes you to do so legally. 

Before applying for a study permit, we may help you acquire a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution. This may be rather easy in some cases, and might be quite difficult in others. 

Andyvisa also practices in study permit, assisting you to get your student's visa and the paper of study permit. According to the level you are going to involve, we provide such service in differentiated ways: Regular Study Permit, SPP, SDS, Degree Study Permit, etc.  

In some cases, some people had come to Canada as a visitor. However, after landing, he/she had enrolled in a short learning program which does not need a study permit. After the short-term study, these people are qualified to apply for a study permit within Canada. If you fell into this situation, we may also help you. 

2. Immigrate to Canada

We could help you immigrate to canada through different immigration streams: Economic Stream, Family Reunification Stream, and Refugee Stream.

Considering the predominant volume of business immigration applicants, this website does not touch many topics about Family Reunification and Refugee. However, this does not mean that we do not or we would not like to provide service in those fields.

3. Marketing in China

We are now exploring our market in China. We will stretch to some other Asian countries (Japan, South Korea, Viet Nam, Thailand, etc) through our close partners working in China. Up to this point, Andy Private Visa Service Inc. is the major company that is promoting Andyvisa's immigration programs in China.